Sunday time to Relax..


sunday Wanted to say for many ppl that don t have so much time nowadays since they are working constantly my 5 cent on relaxing.I know how important is to keep always on top of your job trying daily to improve it.I also know that there is not enough time if you want to achieve something better in your life since you should be doing things 24/7.

Still this simple advice refers to the need to relax in some point.Dunno if its Sundays you prefer ,Church or gym till you need to have some time for your self.And that is equally important as working or anything else your are participating in.

A dose of relaxation will fill you with energy and will refresh your mind ideas and get you going for the next step. You definitely need to take this seriously into consideration and try to give your self a break from time to time so you can refresh your self.

More energized more refreshed with the smile returned to your face you ll be doing a lot more right things eventually and faster.Just try to balance out a bit your schedule and don’t burn your self or the people that love you. Playing with your dog daily can be a nice break for routine and reality and will always be my #1 solution.Try it out


Protest and Dogs



Yes you have decide to spend you days in the streets and defend your righteous cause.And as you settle your gear and equipment you need also to consider your pet.Would you leave it behind or take it with you?Or gotta pack your dogs 100 glasses with you?

Seen in most recent events all new protests have taking the form of a settled daily occupation for many nations and causes. DDog come alongon t seem easy to convince today’s governments or responsible people involved with a mere protest like old days.We gotta make a long and consistent fight to claim our rights in most cases.Living daily in the streets though means you ll transfer all your daily activities also in the streets and that’s what this post is all about today.Where and what will happen to your favorite pet in your daily protest campaign.

Make sure you prepare for all your pet needs in daily basis and as you ll manage your own needs try to consider your pets also.A good and organised plan will solve many issues before they even happen.Try to have your pet as part of all your life activities and and i m sure you wont regret it.

Hong Kong Protestprotest1e_0

As long as you are prepared to organised a bit your situation and manage your daily needs with you pet included in your mind. And ofc i don’t mean to include your pet in a heavy riot for any reason nor i m brained damaged to suggest anything close to that.I merely try to encourage all peacefully protest like Hong Kong not to forget their daily habits and connection with their pets.Not only for the pets but for their owners that definitely get encouraged and motivated not to mention happier with their pets around.After all our pets give us a lot in return and this advice is what is all about.


This article was easy for us to write since Greece seems to have the definition of riot Dog : ” Riot dog is a term used by English-speaking media denoting any of the stray dogs that, in recent years, accompany street protesters in Athens, Greece.[1] It has been observed that a number of these dogs remain among the protesters even when violent rioting breaks out.[2][3] Some of the dogs have been prominently featured in media reportage on the protests.[4] Greece’s Riot Dogs have acquire d, through the years, a large following of fans around the world.[5][6][7]“”


And if you are not aware of the 2 famous dogs here you can read about Kanellos & LoukanikosSuch was their commanding presence over the year that the dogs had started to get a fan base media talking about them and of course making an impact. There is a video BBC posted on the appearances of riot dogs here.

In todays news also we v seen a new graffiti with the the famous riot dog. can be seen in this video here!grafiti louka.

But as always and even if they get attention our advice is to keep your pets close to you hug them and love them and not to use them as means of any end.And we wanted to make a reference for those 2 famous dogs in Greece since they are the definition of Riot dog.So yes take your favorite pet with you and protest in daily basis .Have him with you and he will surely help you out and support you as always but try not to make your pet means to an end.